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About the project

46 South Street is the proposed development of a residential, mixed-use, mixed-income project on a nineteen-acre parcel of property located at 46 South Street in the Village of Trumansburg, New York.

Current Proposed Plan Includes

The 46 South Street Project will be set on fifteen individual lots and will consist of seventeen market rate for-sale units, ten affordable for-sale townhomes, six affordable rental townhomes, and forty-six rental apartments in a two-story elevator building.

The apartment building will include a 3,000 square foot community lounge which will house a kitchenette and laundry facilities for use by residents, as well as management and maintenance offices. The goal of the Project is to create an intergenerational, mixed-income community where seniors can age in place and young families can purchase homes in the very competitive local housing market.

Rental Properties

Market Rate For-Sale Units

Individual Lots

Affordable For-Sale Townhomes

The Trumansburg Community Nursery School, a 501c3 non-profit organization, will construct and operate a 4,500 square foot school on the Site.

about the developers

46 South Street is a partnership between Claudia Brenner, a local architect and land-owner, and INHS, a 40-year-old not-for-profit based in Ithaca.

Claudia Brenner is a local architect with a small practice in Ithaca. She has been designing homes and spaces for not-for-profits for over 30 years. 

Brenner was employed in human services prior to her architectural education, working at Tompkins Co. EOC and Family & Children’s Services. 

Her architectural services focus on providing people with affordable solutions for their homes and helping non-for-profits make the most of their limited resources.


INHS is a 40-year-old affordable housing not-for-profit based in Ithaca. We are dedicated to helping people of modest incomes find – and stay in – high-quality housing throughout central New York. They provide low-interest loans to first-time home buyers, build and manage well-maintained apartments, and help people renovate the homes they own.

The organization is a national leader in their field and has been honored multiple times for creating “best practices” in affordable housing. Their high-quality homes and apartments that are certified for sustainability by the LEED and EnergyStar.